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We normally smile a lot more than this, but it's the only photo where Mark's face didn't look like a pie. 


We believe every business should have an inspiring, epic office that fuels productivity. We’re here to make that happen – and inject the fun back into office hunting while we're at it.

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“The coolest cats in WORKSPACE WELLNESS."

– Excel Group



The industry was run by old school brokers who operate like a sales floor. They have targets to hit. They’re driven by commission. It’s quantity over quality, and clients are just numbers. We said f*ck that. 

And then SKETCH


We do things differently – and our clients love us for it. At Sketch Labs, we’re in the people game and we truly believe relationships are our most important assets. We always recommend what’s right for our client, not right for us. We can do this because we’re in it for the long run, and we hope that in a few year’s time our clients come back to us (and recommend a few friends along the way!).


In fact, 80% of our business is through referrals and repeat customers, which is always a great sign.

meet Laura FULLERTON 👋🏽

In a previous life, Laura worked in the world of advertising, as one half of an award-winning creative team for the likes of Saatchi. She left her drawing pad behind to launch Fitty London, the UK’s original health and fitness subscription box, which she sold three years later. Laura then consulted for a number of companies in the health and biohacking space, before venturing into commercial property and co-founding Sketch Labs.  


As an entrepreneurial type, Laura speaks on panels and podcasts about productivity and start-ups, and is passionate about working smarter not harder. Both in and outside of work, Laura enjoys hiding in small spaces and making people jump.

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meet MARK KNOPS 👋🏽


Mark started his career as DJ Zinc's dog walker. Through Zinc, he went on to work at Circus Records & Rinse FM, before making his own 'questionable' music, and presenting on Select Radio. 


After this short yet blissful musical stint, Mark decided to work in commercial property for one of the largest providers in London. It was here that he found his passion for real estate, the spark was ignited and Sketch Labs was born. Mark loves people, and people love Mark.

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